Yianni Stamas Discusses National Christmas Movie Marathon Day and How to Become a Mentalist in 2021

The good folks at “Become a Mentalist” have asked me to both talk about National Christmas Marathon Day (today) and how to become a mentalist in 2021. I’m not quite sure how to discuss both subject matters in the same post, nor am I an expert in either, but I will do my best so please bear with me.

The first thing that comes to mind as a former magician and now part time mentalist, is that both involve magic. December 23rd, as you’ve probably figured out by now is National Christmas Movie Marathon Day which is a time of binging on your favorite Xmas flick ranging from family to horror. So if you are doing this today you might also want to use the experience to ruminate about how to become a mentalist.

Magic movies and a magic plan (like the pictured young lady above) can both be helpful for your pursuits in 2021. I know for myself I always love the classic Christmas movies from when I was a kid including the one narrated by Burl Ives who I am told by my mother is a distant relative. Most of you probably don’t have any idea who Burl Ives is because I am likely much older than you are!

So fueled by Christmas magic you can work out your plan to become a mentalist. My number one recommendation, even if you are a beginner is to focus on the components of mentalist such as are explored at Invent Mentalism. A lot of mentalists would tell you to first read Theodore Anneman’s  “Practical Mental Magic” and Corinda’s “13 Steps to Mentalism,” I agree with this, but because you are just starting out you don’t have any preconceived notions of what is good and bad mentalism. This means from the very start you can be an original and as you learn the various tools of mental magic, integrate them into your effects and act.

So get started with the magic both with the movie marathon and new effects. Good luck on your journey to…Become a mentalist! Oh, and happy holidays and a great new year!