So you want to become a mentalist? These days in the big city we need a real urban crystal ball because times are rough in Manhattan. Most of us in this city love New York. There’s nothing like NYC anywhere else in the world. It has the best of culture including theater, art and much more. Yet as of late it has been the victim of the looting and protesting that is happening in big cities like ours all across America.


Like most things this has positive and negative connotations. On the one hand it is great that the word is being spread about the problems with race that we have in this country. But on the other hand this phenomenon is attracting those who are in it for the rebellion and the thrill and are doing things like burning police cars and much more.

Urban Crystal Ball

So those of you who want to become mentalists, this is a terrific time to get out your urban crystal ball and predict the future. Don’t forget to wrap it up like a an homage to Corinda to make him proud (inside mentalism joke).