AI Assisted Mentalism

In Your Early Days of Becoming a Mentalist or Magician, Avoid Getting Started on the Wrong Road, and Work Toward Being able to Decide for Yourself what “Dos Dos and Don’ts” You Will Listen to

As a Side Hustle or Full Time Business, Being a Mentalist or Magician Could be Right for You

For many these days, making a living with their business is getting harder and harder. These days there are so many things that can go wrong. Also, if you are in a business that you do not enjoy, sometimes the solution can involve picking something new that you feel you could do such as to Become a Mentalist.

A Place to Learn the METHOD HOW to Do Things Like Mentalism from a Business Perspective

As of this writing, the site METHOD HOW is in its very early stages of being a way for “Businesses in Need” getting no cost services to get on their feet again after things like like COVID, inflation and other issues. We bring this up because as of creating this post, the “Method How” website is working on solutions for those who have small businesses, which includes being a performer, since having this kind of career should be looked upon as a small business itself.

Can You Invent Mentalism so You Can Differentiate Yourself from Other Mentalists?

So you want to become a mentalist or maybe even a magician who does mental effects? Or maybe you are even in the process to invent mentalism and magic tricks of your own design to stand out from others?

“Do” and Just Don’t Just “Think”

If this sounds like you, as much as possible you are going to be doing research on how to achieve your goals. But in the end, you do not want to get so very much involved in “thinking” rather than “doing” phase. You need to “Do” as uncomfortable as it might feel.

Take Action Steps

The reading this blog can be a part of your research to become a mentalist, to learn what you need in order to succeed such as promoting yourself doing online video. The great thing about reading and studying is that you can plot out your patch and take action steps as soon as possible.

What is Right for You?

Learning from the mistakes of others can help you so you do not have to face what they got wrong. This means you can be on the watchout of it happening to you. Even things like “Dos and Don’ts” of being a mentalist/magician can be found. But like everything, always be clear on what works for you and what does not. This will mean not wasting your time on something that will not ultimately be right for you to become a mentalist or magician who does mentalism.

What Sucks?

By focusing on what works for you will give you a better chance of becoming a mentalist or magician in a way that does not “suck.”