Entertainment Versus Actual Psychic Abilities

Search for Telepathy

I learned to read by perusing many biographies of Harry Houdini. I was always fascinated, even as an 8 year old, of Houdini’s desire to believe in true psychic ability but always being able to prove the trickery of those representing themselves as having actual telepathy.

Looking for the Real Thing

Harry’s search for true psychics started later in his life and was motivated by him wishing to get in touch with his late mother. But again and again Houdini was able imitate through methods of magician entertainers the same feats as those done by folks who claimed to be the real thing.


Houdini, before passing, made a pact with his wife¬† that she continue his search for actual mediums, their ability to be proven through revealing a secret code. known only to Harry and Bessie (Houdini’s spouse). This same kind of search continues for mentalists today, performing amazing feats, but never claiming that they are of supernatural origin.