Make Houdini Proud

Become a Mentalist Professionally so You Can Stop Telling Fortunes for a Living

Editor of “Houdini Day” Website has a Message for Mentalists Posing as Fortune Tellers

Hi. I am the founder and editor of “Houdini Day” which is a website that is dedicated to celebrating Harry Houdini. Today in a way, one could say, that I am here on behalf of Houdini. Why do I say this? It is because I am dedicated to carry on missions that Houdini had while alive. One of these missions is that he wanted to stop those who claim to have ESP and tell fortunes plus other stuff like that. I am here at “Become a Mentalist” because it has come to my attention that mentalism entertainers, desperate to make a living, act as though they have real psychic powers and really are just mentalists and magicians doing tricks. We understand that you need to keep a roof over your head and food to eat, but when you do this it is something that Houdini would not be happy with. All right. I have said my piece. I return you to your regularly scheduled blog post.

For those of You Who Do Not Know What a Mentalist is

Both the article at USA Make a Difference, Houdini Day and the one at Harry Potter Fan Club NYC have had in common the theme of magicians and finding out what you are passionate about. So next we bring you a blog that looks at another kind of magician known as a “mentalist.” What is a “mentalist?” Well one of the things it is not is fortune tellers, psychics claiming to be in touch with your relatives who have passed or people who make money reading your tarot cards or reading tea leaves.

Mentalists and Magicians are Better at Doing “Mystical” Things than So Called Mediums

Mentalists are entertainers first and foremost and do not make a living saying they are true mystics. Instead, mentalists merely give the illusion of appearing to be able to read your mind and predicting things that will happen in the future. They will never say they have cosmic powers yet can-do things that as far as mystifying goes, far outdo what psychics who claim to have special powers are capable of.

A Warm Welcome Please for Internet Mentalist

Hi, I am Internet Mentalist, and I will be your blogger for today. Let us start with looking at the fact that the days of televised shows about winning talent contests, mentalists have found that a way to become better known is to do magic of the mind on such shows. But make no mistake. Becoming a professional magician is tough, but to become a mentalist and making a living doing it is even harder. If you have given though to becoming a psychic entertainer or are just interested in the passion of mentalists, so we welcome you to “Become a Mentalist.”

Sorry We Do Not Update Often

We have been receiving feedback from those who enjoy reading posts on and the number 1 thing they tell is that they feel we do not update this site nearly enough and we must agree with you. We send our apologies, though we know that is a copout on our part. Rather than give you a laundry list of excuses let us instead focus on the positive.

Readers Want More Information on Becoming a Professional Mentalist

Today we have for you something that has been requested a few times, which is rather than have posts on this site focus on the goal to “Become a Mentalist” from a performance point of view, why not instead put under a spotlight the realities of what it takes in terms of business to “Become a Mentalist” and make it your full-time job.

The Difficulties of Spelling Out the Business Aspects of What it Takes to Become a Mentalist

That is a great idea from a conceptual point of view but is a bit difficult to nail a post because things change all the time in the entertainment business and what works today may not work tomorrow. But that said we owe it to all of you to take a stab at it. First up though this answer is only from my point of view and someone else might have a completely different take regarding what it requires to “Become a Mentalist” in term the business aspects.

As the Saying Goes

Also, I am not going to be pink cloud nicey-nice but instead I am going to lay it out as the raw truth as I understand it. My warning is that some of you are going to become discouraged reading what is to come, and I am sorry for that. But it does not ultimately help anyone to think that it is easy to do and does take luck or as the saying goes “You have to be at the right place at the right time.”

Vegas is a Destination for Magicians and Mentalists

All right, I want to start by saying that one of the most difficult fields to succeed in from the perspective of making it your full-time job is being a magician. But an even bumpier road is to become a mentalist. The first place to investigate if you are trying to make a living as a conjurer is in Vegas. Vegas was always a difficult stop in magic superstardom but is even more challenging because of COVID-19’s decimation of jobs due to the decline of tourism.

The Challenges of Making a Living as a Mentalist

Barring that, there is always the birthday party circuit and sometimes if you are lucky, corporate events as a magician/mc. But to become a mentalist professionally is even more difficult. To start with, due to the fact it is considered a practice that is for grownups only, it makes kid birthday party shows something off the table. And of course, the pink elephant in the room is that we have not mentioned yet, is that realistically to succeed it is helpful to win of those talent show type things were different kinds of performers compete until there is just one person left.

Great to Be a Winner but No Guarantee that it Will Launch Your Career

If you are the one person left at the talent show and you won because of performing mentalism, the national and international momentary fame could help you in terms of launching in Vegas. But guess what, winning one of those shows is a long shot. And unfortunately, even if you do win one, that does not guarantee anything.

It is All on You These Days

But guess what. If you did win one of those talent shows, it does not mean that you go to producers in Vegas telling them that you want them to put a show together for you. No. It does not work that way. The Vegas of today is quite different than the Vegas of yesterday. Even if there had not been a pandemic and tourists were going to Vegas in droves. Guess what. You need to rent the venue. You need to get your show financed. You are even in charge of generating the publicity.

You Could Lose Everything

And if no one likes your act, you could lose everything and have investors to deal with who are wondering where the return on their money is. As you can see even if you win a big national talent contest. And even if you can book avenue and get sponsors. You still are not guaranteed anything and can lose everything.

It is Worth a Try

But if you have not been able to make it in Vegas, or have not won a national talent competition, what can you do to succeed in making mentalism your profession? You have two choices really. You can try to get bookings in the world of corporate events, booking college performances is not what it used to be, but you could try that.

Act Two

Or the second choice you have is to do what most do which is bring in the bucks as an attorney or doctor and make mentalism your hobby. If you make through med or law school, which is challenging, you could focus on saving money and at a certain point break free from one of those professions and do mentalism as your “Act Two.” This would mean that you would have a safety net to put into motion one of the paths we have spoken about. But of course, do not forget that we live in a world of ageism, so do not wait too long to start your “Act Two.”