Analyzing Your Original Dream Can Help

“A winner is a dreamer who never gives up.” – Nelson Mandela

Your Real Dream Might be Different than What You Think

We were recently faced with an interesting revelation while helping with the educational process of an individual. The question arose “What is your real dream?” While on the surface you might think that your dream is to become a professional mentalist, it could be subconsciously that you really want something very different.

A Positive Dream

For example, we always thought that we wanted something in terms of our career, often falling short of our expectation of ourselves. We fell and fell and fell again. And then suddenly it struck us. Something that always made us feel good was helping others. And to be more specific: helping others to make a difference. We realized that our practice was to help promote and advance others who had a positive dream.

Making a Difference

So in short, our dream is to help you achieve your dream, especially if it is making a difference in the world. At DIYdigi there is a post that gets into all this in a bit more detail.

Become a Mentalist and Join Others

Do You Want to Become a Mentalist?

Do you want to become a mentalist? It is a choice not for everyone because it does require hard work. It requires the kind of effort that is needed to become a talented magician. Sure, you can get “self working” tricks and put on a show, but this does not a magician make or for that  matter, mentalist.

Become an Actor?

A mentalist is a magician playing the role of a mentalist, and a magician is an actor playing a role of a magician. So for some a good place to start their studying to become a mentalist is by exploring the world of magic. Some of the best mentalists would make fine actors.

A Student of Mentalism?

Once you’ve made the decision to become a mentalist you are ready to start to practice. Two books that we’ve mentioned before are “13 Steps to Mentalism” and “Practical Mental Magic.” These two books are considered by some to be the most important ones for a mentalist. This is probably because they don’t just tell you how the “mentalism tricks” are done but encourage performance nuance on the part of the mentalist student.

Are You Zoom Ready?

Invent Mentalism

At this moment in time many are discovering Zoom as a way to communicated with loved ones and do business here in New York City. Are you Zoom ready? Do you have mentalism that you can do over the internet?

Don’t Be Limited

Being able to create your own mental effects is a real asset. Not only does this mean that you can have an act different from anyone else, it can also mean being able to sell effects you have invented to other mentalists. Plus, it can help you be Zoom ready or the user of any broadcast means of getting out the word about yourself. Not being limited by only having a certain amount of mental effects can be empowering.

Take the Big Step

So the idea is to focus on your vision of what having a Zoom show initially might be, with the step to soon be taken to do an all out program initially reaching a few people, but then having the potential to grow into something very big. In the near future you could be dropping Zoom as a no longer needed incubator and opt instead for YouTube, Vimeo or any other means of having your own program.