As You Likely Have Noticed, there are Lots of Mentalists out there with Video Channels…Does this Mean You Need One?

Helping You Get Gigs?

If you have made the pledge to “Become a Mentalist” by reading this blog and other methods, you probably have thought at one point or another how the mentalists on the web are doing with their channels? Does it matter if they have high or low subscribers. Does any of this translate into in-person gigs or maybe even digital ones?

Do Online Videos Help?”

The answer is likely as it has been with the promotion of one’s career as a mentalist for decades: different results for different mentalists. Some might have an onscreen persona that is off-putting for some audience members. While another mentalist might be scoring big with their videos.

Getting Viewers and Subscribers

One thing is for sure though, is that if someone is seriously thinking about hiring you as a mentalist for their events, then they are going to search your name. If you are on the internet with vids, these will come up in the results. You need then to ask yourself if the videos you are putting online will be of assistance to you or will get in the way of success. Sadly, some mentalists reveal mentalism secrets online because doing so helps get them more viewers. But is this how you want to be perceived?

Is Mentalism Magic?

We could argue the point of whether or not a mentalist is a magician. Obviously, the way some promote themselves is as though they are the real thing. They do not want to be seen as a magician because they do not want people to think they are doing magic tricks. We here at “Become a Mentalist” do lean toward perceiving mentalism being a subset of magic.


So, you see, the likely answer to whether or not video channels help mentalists, the answer has less to do with numbers of subscribers and whether or not what you are doing is held under the magician’s code of not revealing secrets as well as other questions of perception. Because perception is after all, reality. If you want be people to choose you to be the entertainer for their event, then you would be best served by trying to understand them and what their needs are when it comes to acquiring talent.

The Goal is to Help to Make Your Mentalism Career Better

Sometimes mentalists (and even magicians) get sad.

I feel for you. I am frequently there too. But to pull myself out of this place, thank goodness I figured out the “Solve Aim Solution.”

The funny and ironic thing is that writing something like this, is a part of my own personal Solve Aim. Everyone’s Solve Aim is different, the structure is the same, but the content is different. Have you figured out yet what your Save Aim is? If you have, awesome. congrats.

But first, there are some things that need saying. In a world of caution and danger, especially now with America being divided along party lines, the war overseas, and finally, the Pandemic and COVID, it seems like in many ways, attaining our dreams is more challenging than ever. And it is.

But now there is Solve Aim that allows you to solve the way for you to finally reach your aim. And I am proud to say there is nothing quite like the Solve Aim System. You no longer have to be commanding, controlling, forceful, accomplished, and influential.

Become a Mentalist and Make a Difference by Giving Happiness and Hope

The Mentalist and his Cause

I am “The Mentalist,” not to be confused with the television program “The Mentalist,” which ironically, I have not seen, but am grateful to for building visibility and consciousness mentalism as an art form within magic as entertainment. My goal today in conjunction with this tiny spot of communication in the vast domain of the Internet, is to express my feelings regarding the cause which is to “Give the World Hope Regarding Covid.”

Hope is Possible Even Now

Why hope? Because hope is an important tool in the Mental Health Toolbox. Without it we are floating through deep space, living out a tragic inner monologue of distress, depression and anxiety. Obviously, the prior description I made is in regard to a worst-case scenario, but all of us share, regardless of having extreme depression or a milder case of stress, the confusion and pain of not knowing what is next in the Pandemic.

Parents Looking Out for their Kids’ Futures

Our own lives, and those of our children, no matter how much we might want to protect them from the negativity of what is going on now, variant to variant, at the very least they pick up on it in school and with their peers. That is why communication, and I am not talking about psychic communication, is now more important than ever before. It is possible to both let them know the dangers of COVID while also assuring them of the many millions of people who are doing their part by getting vaccinated and boosted.

My Hope for this Post

My hope with this post though, is not to be a downer, but instead to share some of the lightness that continues to exist despite the shadow that is ever looming. Entertainment is terrific for creating hope because as psychic entertainers we can create awe and wonder in others through our, quite frankly, magic tricks. Those of us who are ethical and do this for entertainment purposes only and not to state we are actually speaking to someone from the beyond, is a major distinction.

Become a Mentalist to Make People Happy, Seeing Wonder in the World, a Pathway to Hope

When you make someone experience utter surprise and a sense, they cannot believe their eyes based on the illusionary effect you just performed, can bring to them a happier day with an experience they can share with others wondering out loud to friends they have no idea how it was done. This is a little bit of happiness and surprise, and those two words can go a long way for hope.

Become a Mentalist with Steps to Create Your Transformation

So, You Want to Become a Mentalist as Your Profession?

For many who have decided that they want to be a mentalist as their career, they discover that not only do you need to be an achiever in the mentalism arts, but just basic survival can pose challenges along the way. New York City has been a launch pad for many for many mentalists, but these days there is an extra layer of difficulty: COVID.

Housing for Mentalists in New York City

And it is more difficult than ever to find a place to live in the Big Apple as seen in a post put up yesterday on the website NYC Housing Lottery. There is affordable housing for artists in Manhattan, New York, but not everyone sees mentalism as an art, even though it is.

Your Transformation

Like many things both in business and life, you need to be aware of the steps to create the result you are seeking. Yes. Steps to create. We are about to give you what you need to know to become a mentalist with steps to create your transformation including Choose, Pledge, Effects, Routines, Storytelling, Practice, Organizations, Invent and Market.


It is important to CHOOSE the kind of mentalist you aspire to be. There are really two primary lifestyle paths. The first is a mentalist entertainer, someone who might at times might seem to be having real cosmic ability, but this might be implied and not said. But the second path is quite frankly not recommended. This kind of presentation goes with a claim that you are a real psychic or have true powers is to say you are a real mentalist, psychic, medium, fortune teller and so on. This is not encouraged.


Making a PLEDGE to not reveal the secrets of a mentalist’s art is vital. Especially these days when just about any magic trick, mentalism effect or stage illusion can be discovered with a few keywords and a search engine or online video. Making a pledge is something you can do privately, or if you are a member of an in-person or virtual magic or mentalist society, you will likely have to take the pledge to be admitted to the organization. We will talk a bit about the process to invent mentalism. If you were to do this, would you keep it secret?


Mentalism EFFECTS will be a vital part of what you do as a mentalist entertainer in front of audiences. To be a mentalist entertainer, you will need to learn both the secret of the effective as well as how to perform them in front of the audience so that they are not aware of how the effect is done. Although there are some mentalists do not want to believe that mentalism is a subcategory of magic as entertainment, but it is. Think about it, the secrets to how mentalism effects are developed is by using principles drawn from magic tricks.


You need to be able to present ROUTINES if you want to become a professional mentalist. A routine is thought of by some as being the piecing together various mentalism effects to be performed by the mentalist one right after the other, seamlessly so that an audience member is not aware of when one stops, and another begins. One approach is to be doing an “experiment” Routines can last roughly 5 to 10 minutes. Piece the routines together 20 minute or so act, even more is a full-fledged 60-to-90-minute show.


STORYTELLING increases the impact of your performance of mentalism effects, enhancing the experience for a spectator. Storytelling is a key component of drawing in and engaging an audience. Why does storytelling work so well as a tool to get the audience more involved when performing? It is because when we can relate emotionally to hearing the sharing of an experience either true or imaginary, we relate to it, and it sets the stage for our enjoyment of a performance. Storytelling with effects, magnifies them.


Why should you PRACTICE your mentalism effects? The reason is that when you rehearse something, you make both the mechanics of your mentalism effect and its storytelling stronger. smoother your mentalism effect unfolds for those watching, the more likely your audience will value your performance. The reality is that learning something new can be uncomfortable or even painful, but when, as mentalists, we practice, your audience, in their minds, will hold you in higher esteem and perceive you as good at what you do.


ORGANIZATIONS and you part in them, when you are working to become a mentalist, actually speeds up your process. Being around like-minded individuals provide you with friendships, mentoring and more. There are some organizations for mentalists, but many more for magicians. Due to the pandemic, many groups are meeting virtually, so if you live in an area that likely does not have a magic or mentalism club, meeting online makes your participation possible. And even for mentalists, bonding with magicians can be helpful too.


When you INVENT mentalism, some of the common effects that you can put together will involve such things as Predictions, Mind Reading, Power Over Objects (Spoon bending, making something float in the air, etc.) and much more. This is where having the knowledge that full-fledged conjurers have, will allow you to have at your fingertips the principles and tools of the magic arts. These elements will make it possible for you to start out inventing simple but powerful effects. You can do it. You can invent mentalism.


You must MARKET yourself once you become a mentalist in order to let others know you are available to entertain at their events. But promoting oneself is much more than having a website. It is a tool that must be used in a strategic manner, identifying possible weak spots in your approach, making success more likely. Who are you trying to reach? Where can you find them? How will you get them to commit to hiring you? These are by no means easy questions to answer. But once you do so, you make it much more likely you will succeed.

WizNYC, A.K.A. “The Wizard of New York City,” talks with B.A.M. for a Brief yet Exclusive Interview and Ultimately Answers the Question: “Are Coincidences really Coincidences?”


Hello WizNYC. Thanks for joining us.


My pleasure.


We wanted to talk with you today, with the hope that maybe you could give your input into the question “Are coincidences really a coincident?”


Great question. My response is twofold. First answer is “No.” Second answer “Yes.” The first answer was “No” because I do not believe there is such a thing as “A coincidence that is not a a coincidence.” But by the same token, I also answered “Yes.” This is due to the fact that some people do believe in “coincidences not being coincidences.” This means that if you meet someone like that, they might think meeting you is not a coincidence. And because they believe that meeting you is not a coincidence, from their point of view, it might as well be true because they believe it. Even more so if 50 people then showed up all believing coincidences are not coincidences. That makes the dominate point of view be different than yours. Hence, for as long as you are in the room with those 51 people, their outlook wins.


Thanks for clearing that up, WizNYC.

Become a Mentalist Professionally so You Can Stop Telling Fortunes for a Living

Editor of “Houdini Day” Website has a Message for Mentalists Posing as Fortune Tellers

Hi. I am the founder and editor of “Houdini Day” which is a website that is dedicated to celebrating Harry Houdini. Today in a way, one could say, that I am here on behalf of Houdini. Why do I say this? It is because I am dedicated to carry on missions that Houdini had while alive. One of these missions is that he wanted to stop those who claim to have ESP and tell fortunes plus other stuff like that. I am here at “Become a Mentalist” because it has come to my attention that mentalism entertainers, desperate to make a living, act as though they have real psychic powers and really are just mentalists and magicians doing tricks. We understand that you need to keep a roof over your head and food to eat, but when you do this it is something that Houdini would not be happy with. All right. I have said my piece. I return you to your regularly scheduled blog post.

For those of You Who Do Not Know What a Mentalist is

Both the article at USA Make a Difference, Houdini Day and the one at Harry Potter Fan Club NYC have had in common the theme of magicians and finding out what you are passionate about. So next we bring you a blog that looks at another kind of magician known as a “mentalist.” What is a “mentalist?” Well one of the things it is not is fortune tellers, psychics claiming to be in touch with your relatives who have passed or people who make money reading your tarot cards or reading tea leaves.

Mentalists and Magicians are Better at Doing “Mystical” Things than So Called Mediums

Mentalists are entertainers first and foremost and do not make a living saying they are true mystics. Instead, mentalists merely give the illusion of appearing to be able to read your mind and predicting things that will happen in the future. They will never say they have cosmic powers yet can-do things that as far as mystifying goes, far outdo what psychics who claim to have special powers are capable of.

A Warm Welcome Please for Internet Mentalist

Hi, I am Internet Mentalist, and I will be your blogger for today. Let us start with looking at the fact that the days of televised shows about winning talent contests, mentalists have found that a way to become better known is to do magic of the mind on such shows. But make no mistake. Becoming a professional magician is tough, but to become a mentalist and making a living doing it is even harder. If you have given though to becoming a psychic entertainer or are just interested in the passion of mentalists, so we welcome you to “Become a Mentalist.”

Sorry We Do Not Update Often

We have been receiving feedback from those who enjoy reading posts on and the number 1 thing they tell is that they feel we do not update this site nearly enough and we must agree with you. We send our apologies, though we know that is a copout on our part. Rather than give you a laundry list of excuses let us instead focus on the positive.

Readers Want More Information on Becoming a Professional Mentalist

Today we have for you something that has been requested a few times, which is rather than have posts on this site focus on the goal to “Become a Mentalist” from a performance point of view, why not instead put under a spotlight the realities of what it takes in terms of business to “Become a Mentalist” and make it your full-time job.

The Difficulties of Spelling Out the Business Aspects of What it Takes to Become a Mentalist

That is a great idea from a conceptual point of view but is a bit difficult to nail a post because things change all the time in the entertainment business and what works today may not work tomorrow. But that said we owe it to all of you to take a stab at it. First up though this answer is only from my point of view and someone else might have a completely different take regarding what it requires to “Become a Mentalist” in term the business aspects.

As the Saying Goes

Also, I am not going to be pink cloud nicey-nice but instead I am going to lay it out as the raw truth as I understand it. My warning is that some of you are going to become discouraged reading what is to come, and I am sorry for that. But it does not ultimately help anyone to think that it is easy to do and does take luck or as the saying goes “You have to be at the right place at the right time.”

Vegas is a Destination for Magicians and Mentalists

All right, I want to start by saying that one of the most difficult fields to succeed in from the perspective of making it your full-time job is being a magician. But an even bumpier road is to become a mentalist. The first place to investigate if you are trying to make a living as a conjurer is in Vegas. Vegas was always a difficult stop in magic superstardom but is even more challenging because of COVID-19’s decimation of jobs due to the decline of tourism.

The Challenges of Making a Living as a Mentalist

Barring that, there is always the birthday party circuit and sometimes if you are lucky, corporate events as a magician/mc. But to become a mentalist professionally is even more difficult. To start with, due to the fact it is considered a practice that is for grownups only, it makes kid birthday party shows something off the table. And of course, the pink elephant in the room is that we have not mentioned yet, is that realistically to succeed it is helpful to win of those talent show type things were different kinds of performers compete until there is just one person left.

Great to Be a Winner but No Guarantee that it Will Launch Your Career

If you are the one person left at the talent show and you won because of performing mentalism, the national and international momentary fame could help you in terms of launching in Vegas. But guess what, winning one of those shows is a long shot. And unfortunately, even if you do win one, that does not guarantee anything.

It is All on You These Days

But guess what. If you did win one of those talent shows, it does not mean that you go to producers in Vegas telling them that you want them to put a show together for you. No. It does not work that way. The Vegas of today is quite different than the Vegas of yesterday. Even if there had not been a pandemic and tourists were going to Vegas in droves. Guess what. You need to rent the venue. You need to get your show financed. You are even in charge of generating the publicity.

You Could Lose Everything

And if no one likes your act, you could lose everything and have investors to deal with who are wondering where the return on their money is. As you can see even if you win a big national talent contest. And even if you can book avenue and get sponsors. You still are not guaranteed anything and can lose everything.

It is Worth a Try

But if you have not been able to make it in Vegas, or have not won a national talent competition, what can you do to succeed in making mentalism your profession? You have two choices really. You can try to get bookings in the world of corporate events, booking college performances is not what it used to be, but you could try that.

Act Two

Or the second choice you have is to do what most do which is bring in the bucks as an attorney or doctor and make mentalism your hobby. If you make through med or law school, which is challenging, you could focus on saving money and at a certain point break free from one of those professions and do mentalism as your “Act Two.” This would mean that you would have a safety net to put into motion one of the paths we have spoken about. But of course, do not forget that we live in a world of ageism, so do not wait too long to start your “Act Two.”

Becoming Fulfilled with Your Career as a Mentalist

Mentalists Who Made Their Living with the Art, But are No Longer Remembered

Lately I’ve been reading a really interesting book entitled “Mind Readers Masters of Deception” by Rauscher. It explores the careers of many mentalists, what made each one unique as well as the level of success each had. Something that I find exciting about the book is that a large percentage of the mind readers depicted I had never heard of prior.

Today’s Obstacles

Each mentalist who had success was especially good at adapting to the needs of of their time period. The strategy for having success back then is much different than the obstacles that today’s mentalists face. If you decide to BECOME A MENTALIST or already are one, the elephant in the room is online video communication.

Leveraging Technology

We believe that you will not be entirely fulfilled with your career as a mentalist unless you leverage technology like Zoom. This is no easy task, because mentalists of today have to figure out how to integrate this form of communication into their act. For some it has been the only way to get bookings. Others, who have not integrated this approach, are finding themselves unable to bring in a proper income.

Yianni Stamas Discusses National Christmas Movie Marathon Day and How to Become a Mentalist in 2021

The good folks at “Become a Mentalist” have asked me to both talk about National Christmas Marathon Day (today) and how to become a mentalist in 2021. I’m not quite sure how to discuss both subject matters in the same post, nor am I an expert in either, but I will do my best so please bear with me.

The first thing that comes to mind as a former magician and now part time mentalist, is that both involve magic. December 23rd, as you’ve probably figured out by now is National Christmas Movie Marathon Day which is a time of binging on your favorite Xmas flick ranging from family to horror. So if you are doing this today you might also want to use the experience to ruminate about how to become a mentalist.

Magic movies and a magic plan (like the pictured young lady above) can both be helpful for your pursuits in 2021. I know for myself I always love the classic Christmas movies from when I was a kid including the one narrated by Burl Ives who I am told by my mother is a distant relative. Most of you probably don’t have any idea who Burl Ives is because I am likely much older than you are!

So fueled by Christmas magic you can work out your plan to become a mentalist. My number one recommendation, even if you are a beginner is to focus on the components of mentalist such as are explored at Invent Mentalism. A lot of mentalists would tell you to first read Theodore Anneman’s  “Practical Mental Magic” and Corinda’s “13 Steps to Mentalism,” I agree with this, but because you are just starting out you don’t have any preconceived notions of what is good and bad mentalism. This means from the very start you can be an original and as you learn the various tools of mental magic, integrate them into your effects and act.

So get started with the magic both with the movie marathon and new effects. Good luck on your journey to…Become a mentalist! Oh, and happy holidays and a great new year!

Investing in Yourself

You are a mentalist. You make predictions every day, but in the end you are an entertainer and are a performer playing the role of a mentalist. And if you wish to continue this noble life, you need to be thinking of your future, specifically financially.

Even if you do not believe in magic, on some level it is what propels you forward. Although you maybe be portraying a mentalist, it is possible you got into this pursuit because you at least felt you were intuitive. You have the ability to take in body language, speech patterns and more.

So, why should it be any different when investing? It isn’t. As long as you have educated yourself to know the game and are willing to always learn, you will be fine. Happy millions!


Promote Your Career as a Mentalist

Don’s go down the foggy road or confusion, instead seek the sun.. Promoting your career as a mentalist is a very involved task. In this blog post we are only going to show you some of the options you have available from agencies such as Home Business Achievers. Hence, this entry will feature strategies that they and we use.

Regardless of the type of business you have whether is an internet only entrepreneurial venture or even brick and mortar, as you know you must generate leads to grow your business.

You need to avoid traveling on the road to fog that you cannot see very well in. You need to look toward sunshine.

The thing that is your possible means of impact or can be endlessly frustrating is marketing. What is the best kind of promotional approach to make a difference for you?

Is it possible to have a step by step system that will get you results? What we are going to share with you can work for anyone who has a home business. Yes, you can have the home business of your dreams if you can just learn the right steps.

You can succeed. You can attain your goals. Yes, it IS possible to create access to more people who need what you offer. You are a solution to their problem, and you must connect with them. Remember, you are helping them solve s challenge that they have.

Although our methodology is free, the truth is that nothing is for free. You need certain tools to achieve your objectives. For example, time is money, and this will take you time to do this. But the downsides are outweighed by the positives and as you know, you need to put in the sweat equity. But it is all about focusing on the right thing, so you are working smarter not harder.

The goal is to get you more signups for your venture because subscribers are those who are attracted to what you can do as it applies to them and their needs. You are helping them to achieve THEIR objectives and yes, you can facilitate this for them. Leads are the lifeblood of your business and if you can show others how your products and services will assist them in some facet of what they do, you WILL win.

If you do what we are about to show you, you can literally scale this to the sky. You just require getting on the right path.  We are going to show you the road to travel on to make this possible for your home business. Think bigger. Think of daily subscriptions and daily sales. Your business may need a bit of digital transformation so you can literally be daily making money online. Some of which can happen automatically, so it works on its own without you having to do anything. You can literally be making money in your sleep!

It all starts with belief and hope. These are the two elements that you need to possess. Because unless you can visualize success you will not have success. Why is this? It is because unless you believe you will not move toward and ultimately climb the rights steps. If you do not believe, you will not achieve. Let us say that again as a mantra:

If you don’t believe, you won’t achieve.”

That says it all. But of course, we need to show you something to believe in. This can happen with a variation on network marketing. If that turns you off, do not stop reading this quite yet. We need to put all together for you so that you see the big picture and your place in it.

To have sales you need to have leads. Leads who give you their email address so you can contact them with useful information that applies to what they are looking for. Let us say that again but in a slightly different way. You are what they are looking for because you will have been placed at the exact right position to have them sign up on the exact moment, they need what you do.

But how do you do this? It is in part using internet advertisements. But be careful with this. It is a financial investment on your part, so you do not want to throw it all away. You must put your perception of what you do as seen from your future customer’s point of view.

They are searching the web. But they are not lazily doing so, they are doing it to find the solution you offer to them. Just in the same way as you got what you are reading, you need to show them what you can do for them in such a way that they can see YOU are uniquely capable of helping THEM.

So, the first thing you need can be a video. Do not know how to make a video? That is okay. What you cannot do there is, just like your future clients will want from you, a solution. So, find a spokesperson. That is someone who can be a spokesperson for what you do.

One of the best places to find a spokesperson is by finding sites that provide you with digital workers. Of course, if it is your inclination, you could be the spokesperson for your home business! It’s up to you and your comfort level.

Yes. This is the moment, if you have not already done so, to begin to realize you CAN NOT do everything yourself. Your mode and though process needs to be such that you are the delegation person and the manager and that you utilize the talents of others to make your marketing work. Of course, you want to spend much less money on those you delegate to than your total return of your investment for clients of your home business..

Once you find a spokesperson who will supply you with a video of them against a nice background talking about what you offer, you have taken phase one. You need to write for them a script that shows those who will later watching this video the things they need to hear to act on what you are putting in front of them. The benefit of having a spokesperson is that some spokespeople will videotape what you wrote for them in front of their own background of your choice.

On the other hand, if you will be your own spokesperson and do not have access to equipment, you can film your sections with your mobile phone! Once you have filmed your portions, the trick is to then get the video off of your phone. One way to do this is to get a cable that will both plug into your phone as well as into your computer.

Though, if you are proficient with your phone you could do all the editing necessary on your phone with the right app.

Alternatives for editing on your phone is using one of the online video creation systems that for a small monthly fee will get you access to being able to construct videos. These sites are specifically set up so that even if you have no background in video production you can still turn out enticing videos. Online video creation services will also supply you with video footage as well as photos, graphics and more so you can literally turn out content with no need to film anything.

You may have noticed we are not recommending a specific spokesperson or video creation company to use. We are doing this because this is the moment that YOU need to put in a little bit of elbow grease to find the right entity to hook up with to provide you with what you need, much like your future clients will be doing to find you!