Becoming Fulfilled with Your Career as a Mentalist

Mentalists Who Made Their Living with the Art, But are No Longer Remembered

Lately I’ve been reading a really interesting book entitled “Mind Readers Masters of Deception” by Rauscher. It explores the careers of many mentalists, what made each one unique as well as the level of success each had. Something that I find exciting about the book is that a large percentage of the mind readers depicted I had never heard of prior.

Today’s Obstacles

Each mentalist who had success was especially good at adapting to the needs of of their time period. The strategy for having success back then is much different than the obstacles that today’s mentalists face. If you decide to BECOME A MENTALIST or already are one, the elephant in the room is online video communication.

Leveraging Technology

We believe that you will not be entirely fulfilled with your career as a mentalist unless you leverage technology like Zoom. This is no easy task, because mentalists of today have to figure out how to integrate this form of communication into their act. For some it has been the only way to get bookings. Others, who have not integrated this approach, are finding themselves unable to bring in a proper income.