Steps to Create

Become a Mentalist with Steps to Create Your Transformation

So, You Want to Become a Mentalist as Your Profession?

For many who have decided that they want to be a mentalist as their career, they discover that not only do you need to be an achiever in the mentalism arts, but just basic survival can pose challenges along the way. New York City has been a launch pad for many for many mentalists, but these days there is an extra layer of difficulty: COVID.

Housing for Mentalists in New York City

And it is more difficult than ever to find a place to live in the Big Apple as seen in a post put up yesterday on the website NYC Housing Lottery. There is affordable housing for artists in Manhattan, New York, but not everyone sees mentalism as an art, even though it is.

Your Transformation

Like many things both in business and life, you need to be aware of the steps to create the result you are seeking. Yes. Steps to create. We are about to give you what you need to know to become a mentalist with steps to create your transformation including Choose, Pledge, Effects, Routines, Storytelling, Practice, Organizations, Invent and Market.


It is important to CHOOSE the kind of mentalist you aspire to be. There are really two primary lifestyle paths. The first is a mentalist entertainer, someone who might at times might seem to be having real cosmic ability, but this might be implied and not said. But the second path is quite frankly not recommended. This kind of presentation goes with a claim that you are a real psychic or have true powers is to say you are a real mentalist, psychic, medium, fortune teller and so on. This is not encouraged.


Making a PLEDGE to not reveal the secrets of a mentalist’s art is vital. Especially these days when just about any magic trick, mentalism effect or stage illusion can be discovered with a few keywords and a search engine or online video. Making a pledge is something you can do privately, or if you are a member of an in-person or virtual magic or mentalist society, you will likely have to take the pledge to be admitted to the organization. We will talk a bit about the process to invent mentalism. If you were to do this, would you keep it secret?


Mentalism EFFECTS will be a vital part of what you do as a mentalist entertainer in front of audiences. To be a mentalist entertainer, you will need to learn both the secret of the effective as well as how to perform them in front of the audience so that they are not aware of how the effect is done. Although there are some mentalists do not want to believe that mentalism is a subcategory of magic as entertainment, but it is. Think about it, the secrets to how mentalism effects are developed is by using principles drawn from magic tricks.


You need to be able to present ROUTINES if you want to become a professional mentalist. A routine is thought of by some as being the piecing together various mentalism effects to be performed by the mentalist one right after the other, seamlessly so that an audience member is not aware of when one stops, and another begins. One approach is to be doing an “experiment” Routines can last roughly 5 to 10 minutes. Piece the routines together 20 minute or so act, even more is a full-fledged 60-to-90-minute show.


STORYTELLING increases the impact of your performance of mentalism effects, enhancing the experience for a spectator. Storytelling is a key component of drawing in and engaging an audience. Why does storytelling work so well as a tool to get the audience more involved when performing? It is because when we can relate emotionally to hearing the sharing of an experience either true or imaginary, we relate to it, and it sets the stage for our enjoyment of a performance. Storytelling with effects, magnifies them.


Why should you PRACTICE your mentalism effects? The reason is that when you rehearse something, you make both the mechanics of your mentalism effect and its storytelling stronger. smoother your mentalism effect unfolds for those watching, the more likely your audience will value your performance. The reality is that learning something new can be uncomfortable or even painful, but when, as mentalists, we practice, your audience, in their minds, will hold you in higher esteem and perceive you as good at what you do.


ORGANIZATIONS and you part in them, when you are working to become a mentalist, actually speeds up your process. Being around like-minded individuals provide you with friendships, mentoring and more. There are some organizations for mentalists, but many more for magicians. Due to the pandemic, many groups are meeting virtually, so if you live in an area that likely does not have a magic or mentalism club, meeting online makes your participation possible. And even for mentalists, bonding with magicians can be helpful too.


When you INVENT mentalism, some of the common effects that you can put together will involve such things as Predictions, Mind Reading, Power Over Objects (Spoon bending, making something float in the air, etc.) and much more. This is where having the knowledge that full-fledged conjurers have, will allow you to have at your fingertips the principles and tools of the magic arts. These elements will make it possible for you to start out inventing simple but powerful effects. You can do it. You can invent mentalism.


You must MARKET yourself once you become a mentalist in order to let others know you are available to entertain at their events. But promoting oneself is much more than having a website. It is a tool that must be used in a strategic manner, identifying possible weak spots in your approach, making success more likely. Who are you trying to reach? Where can you find them? How will you get them to commit to hiring you? These are by no means easy questions to answer. But once you do so, you make it much more likely you will succeed.