AI Assisted Mentalism

Become a Mentalist and Make a Difference by Giving Happiness and Hope

The Mentalist and his Cause

I am “The Mentalist,” not to be confused with the television program “The Mentalist,” which ironically, I have not seen, but am grateful to for building visibility and consciousness mentalism as an art form within magic as entertainment. My goal today in conjunction with this tiny spot of communication in the vast domain of the Internet, is to express my feelings regarding the cause which is to “Give the World Hope Regarding Covid.”

Hope is Possible Even Now

Why hope? Because hope is an important tool in the Mental Health Toolbox. Without it we are floating through deep space, living out a tragic inner monologue of distress, depression and anxiety. Obviously, the prior description I made is in regard to a worst-case scenario, but all of us share, regardless of having extreme depression or a milder case of stress, the confusion and pain of not knowing what is next in the Pandemic.

Parents Looking Out for their Kids’ Futures

Our own lives, and those of our children, no matter how much we might want to protect them from the negativity of what is going on now, variant to variant, at the very least they pick up on it in school and with their peers. That is why communication, and I am not talking about psychic communication, is now more important than ever before. It is possible to both let them know the dangers of COVID while also assuring them of the many millions of people who are doing their part by getting vaccinated and boosted.

My Hope for this Post

My hope with this post though, is not to be a downer, but instead to share some of the lightness that continues to exist despite the shadow that is ever looming. Entertainment is terrific for creating hope because as psychic entertainers we can create awe and wonder in others through our, quite frankly, magic tricks. Those of us who are ethical and do this for entertainment purposes only and not to state we are actually speaking to someone from the beyond, is a major distinction.

Become a Mentalist to Make People Happy, Seeing Wonder in the World, a Pathway to Hope

When you make someone experience utter surprise and a sense, they cannot believe their eyes based on the illusionary effect you just performed, can bring to them a happier day with an experience they can share with others wondering out loud to friends they have no idea how it was done. This is a little bit of happiness and surprise, and those two words can go a long way for hope.