Helping You Get Gigs?

If you have made the pledge to “Become a Mentalist” by reading this blog and other methods, you probably have thought at one point or another how the mentalists on the web are doing with their channels? Does it matter if they have high or low subscribers. Does any of this translate into in-person gigs or maybe even digital ones?

Do Online Videos Help?”

The answer is likely as it has been with the promotion of one’s career as a mentalist for decades: different results for different mentalists. Some might have an onscreen persona that is off-putting for some audience members. While another mentalist might be scoring big with their videos.

Getting Viewers and Subscribers

One thing is for sure though, is that if someone is seriously thinking about hiring you as a mentalist for their events, then they are going to search your name. If you are on the internet with vids, these will come up in the results. You need then to ask yourself if the videos you are putting online will be of assistance to you or will get in the way of success. Sadly, some mentalists reveal mentalism secrets online because doing so helps get them more viewers. But is this how you want to be perceived?

Is Mentalism Magic?

We could argue the point of whether or not a mentalist is a magician. Obviously, the way some promote themselves is as though they are the real thing. They do not want to be seen as a magician because they do not want people to think they are doing magic tricks. We here at “Become a Mentalist” do lean toward perceiving mentalism being a subset of magic.


So, you see, the likely answer to whether or not video channels help mentalists, the answer has less to do with numbers of subscribers and whether or not what you are doing is held under the magician’s code of not revealing secrets as well as other questions of perception. Because perception is after all, reality. If you want be people to choose you to be the entertainer for their event, then you would be best served by trying to understand them and what their needs are when it comes to acquiring talent.